Anisa (LINC Coordinator)

Anisa has been the LINC Coordinator at Circle of Friends since April 2012.  Prior to this, she taught LINC classes for 7 years at several different school throughout Hamilton.  She can speak 4 different languages and always welcomes students to her school with a bright smile!  Come in an see her to register for classes today!

Bryan (Teacher)

Bryan joined Circle of Friends for Newcomers in September 2013.  Prior to working for Circle of Friends, Bryan worked with St. Charles.  Bryan was also an Elementary School teacher in Saskatchewan and a private school in Ontario for many years.  Bryan enjoys teaching ESL very much.  In fact, he has said that, if he could afford it, he’d do it for free!  His compassion and enthusiasm for his work keeps his students motivated for learning.  

Elda Cruz

Elda has been with Circle of Friends for 3 years.  She is a very patient, creative and experienced teacher.  Elda has taught our Pre-CLB and CLB 1 students.  She has experience teaching various different levels throughout her 10 year career and has also taught a seniors class for some time.  Elda uses art and creative methods for students to engage in learning.  Her creative colourful artwork is often displayed during holiday and celebration times throughout the school year.

Maki (Teacher)

Maki began teaching with Circle of Friends in late October 2013.  Maki teaches a very low literacy class that requires a lot of patience and repetition.  She can often be seen drafting precise pictures on the white board of material she is teaching.  Maki incorporates computers in her lessons and teaches to the students’ interests.  When Maki is not teaching at COF, she enjoys her role as a yoga instructor. During her spare time, Maki also enjoys running with the Hamilton Olympic Club, playing the piano, and reading. Come in and learn origami from Maki some day!

Nancy (Teacher)

Nancy has been a LINC teacher with Circle of Friends since September 2009. Prior to teaching English, Nancy was a bank manager. She enjoys her ESL career very much and takes time and effort to support each individual student in her class. She comes up with innovative lessons that allow the students to express their interests in many different ways. Her classroom is always filled with bright and exciting new projects and writing samples the students have produced.