We have purchased daycare spaces at Wesley Daycare to accommodate children ages 2.5 to 5 years.  This daycare is located at 80 Queen St. N. These spots are funded by CIC.  It is a safe, friendly environment for children to learn and play.  These spots are for LINC eligible students who attend LINC classes at Circle of Friends.  Students can apply for daycare spaces with the LINC Coordinator at her office located at 155 Queen St. N, Room 113.

More info about the Wesley Daycare.

Care for Newcomer Children

CNC is an onsite childcare for LINC students at Circle of Friends.  Children are cared for in a safe, friendly environment during the time their parents attend classes.  The CNC childcare is only for students who are in class.   Therefore, parents cannot leave the premises while there child(ren) are in the CNC room.  They must take their children with them.  The CNC provides snacks, activities, gym time and they celebrate various holidays throughout the year.